What was once a niche job in the aerospce and defence industries is becoming common place among a diverse and expanding range of industries.

As products and businesses become ever more complex, involving many different technologies and disciplines spread across different geographical locations, there is a growing demand for the Aerospace Industry to take the wider holistic view, to work with the specialists like AUTOONE to ensure that the customers needs are met.

The prompt delivery of high quality and advanced design methods has made AOESPL a common name in the Aerospace Industry .

Autoone Engineering Services Pvt Ltd . provides a range of product design, development and manufacturing capabilities for Aerospace Industries.

  • Aircraft Airframe Structures : Fuselage, Wing, Empennage, Radome
  • Aircraft Control Surfaces (Flaps, Slats, Air brakes, Spoilers)
  • Doors and Panels (Cargo & Landing Gear)
  • Metal parts for Interiors and Galleys (Crew Rests, Stowage, Trolley, Owen, Containers)
  • Sheet metal Machined parts
  • Door Hinge and related Components